Ameerah Saine is many things—host, speaker multicultural marketing expert, mother, leader, wife, veteran, and founder
—but above all, she’s a creator.

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Ameerah began her marketing career over 17 years ago and has worked with an array of businesses and brands from Kroger to FedEx. 

As a veteran of the National Guard, Ameerah has a deep-rooted passion for community. Working with people to create inclusive environments and meaningful connections is her personal calling. 

As a natural leader, Ameerah uses her gift of gab to connect with interviewees and audiences to provide a memorable experience.

Ameerah has been a phenomenal partner in helping elevate the Dallas Experience!… Her stellar creativity, energy, and innovation are unmatched and made each event an extraordinary experience.”

Maria Espinosa, Director of Diversity & Inclusion- VisitDallas

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Less like a podcast and more like brunch with your girlfriends,
the Brunch and Slay podcast inspires every Tuesday!

Host Ameerah Saine chats with women who are disrupting their respective fields – from CEOs to health gurus, filmmakers, and consultants, this podcast is full of successes, failures, resources, and inspiration.

The BAS podcast has everything you need to start carving your entrepreneur path to become a true Disrupt(HER)!”


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