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We designed each package to provide the low-cost, impactful branding and marketing services you need to expand your visibility and attract more buyers.

We recognize all businesses need a marketing plan to stand out and expand their social reach, but not all of them need the custom bells and whistles that come with an extravagant agency price tag. And that’s where our BENTO marketing come in.

From crafting an engaging content marketing strategy to flooding your brand with visually-appealing graphics and serving up targeted messages that speak to the hearts of your audience, we deliver the services you need to excel in business.

Go get your marketing and boost your business now!

Our Services


Email signatures, pitch decks


Social media content, highlights etc. 


Infographics, Custom Reel ad design, Email campaign strategy plan


T-shirts, mugs, promotional materials


books & magazines, packaging & labels, stationary 

Social Media Strategy

Instagram/TikTok/LinkedIn content strategy plan, Hashtag discovery, SEO Keyword discovery

BENTO Options

3 Instagram Highlight Covers

Give your profile visitors a sneak peak into what they'll see when following you

1 Animated Logo

Create an undeniable video presence with a custom animated logo perfect for YouTube, Reels, TikTok, and Stories across all social media platforms.


2 Branded Email Signatures

Level-up your email signature with a branded design

2 Custom Email Templates

Create a unified branded email experience for your customers.

1 Five-Page Branded Presentation Template

Pitch business, or share data with a branded, professional and unified deck.

8 In-Feed Social Media Posts

8 branded graphics with the copy of your choice

Merchandise Design

Ready to join the eCommerce world? We'll design your products.

Hashtag Discovery


We'll provide 30 relevant hashtags that align with your content, brand, and goals.

8 Vertical Story Graphics

Wow followers and be discovered with branded stories

TikTok Content Strategy

One month of TikTok content strategy

One custom Reel Ad Design

Entertaining storytelling
drives discovery for your brand

Email Campaign Strategy

If you are launching a new product, having a sale, or want a customer nurturing campaign but are unsure where to start, this is perfect for you.

Instagram Content Strategy Plan

One month of Instagram content strategy.

LinkedIn Content Strategy Plan

One month LinkedIn content strategy plan

SEO Keyword Discovery

We'll identify up to 60 words you should use to boost your brand's appearance in digital searches.

Need customization?

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Select Your BENTO Marketing Box

Choose the marketing your business needs to thrive!


Laying The Foundation

Your choice of any 5 BENTO Marketing Services

$ 1997

Pick any 5


Finding The Rhythm

Your choice of any 15 BENTO Marketing Services

$ 3997

Pick any 15



Your choice of any 9 BENTO Marketing Services

$ 2997

Pick any 9


BENTO + will arm your business with everything you’ll need to elevate your brand messaging and secure standout marketing.

Membership has its privileges, the first of which is a brand audit and marketing strategy. Knowing where your brand stands competitively is immeasurable.


Frequently Asked Questions​

You can pick any offering any number of times in a single package. For instance, if you purchase the 9-option package, you could select nine 4-email template bundles.
Yes. We use Sezzle to support all your payment needs, so not only do you get to buy now and pay later, you get to negotiate your own payment schedule!
A highlight cover is an image that gives your followers an aesthetic glimpse into what they’re about to discover in your IG highlight reel.
When a potential customer visits any of your social media pages, you want to capture their attention. A banner is an image or graphic that is placed at the top of your social media page to represent your brand and catch your viewer’s eye.
An Instagram story is a temporary post that lets you share multiple images and video in a slideshow format. Unlike profile posts, stories disappear after 24 hours. Since stories are designed for vertical images, it’s important to post branded graphics that look stunning in that format.
In-feed posts are those pieces of content that you share publicly to your profile and appear as your followers scroll through their feeds.
No! You get to tell us what kinds of emails you need and we’ll create four branded templates for you to use at any time (think welcome, holiday, sales and announcement emails)
We support Constant Contact, Mailchimp and Active Campaign.
We’ll design a whole branded toolbox for your next public appearance. Whether it be a media kit, proposal, or any professional presentation, we know how to make it stand out.
Don’t see what you need here? No problem. Send us an email and we will work together to get your marketing needs met.

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